Lot area: 7,250m² Covered 3,500m², with Department of Engineering, R & D and Quality Control Lab

Hall A
33m x 24m x 11m (Gate 7m x 10m)

Hall B
33m x 24m x 5m (Gate 6m x 5m)

Hall C
45m x 24m x 6m (Gate 6m x 4m)

Bridge Crane A
Lifting Load 12 Tn. Height 9m

Bridge Crane B
Lifting Load 5 Tn. Height 4m

Bridge Crane C
Lifting Load 4 Tn. Height 5m

Bridge Crane D
Lifting Load 10 Tn. Height 10m

1 Horizontal
Filament Winding machines

1 Vertical
Filament Winding machine

4 Horizontal
Revolving curing stations

1 Horizontal
Mold extractor stations